Management/Leadership Style

First of all, we believe in leadership vs. management. We lead by inspiration and motivation and create demand through innovation.

We stay ahead by focusing on:

  • Conceptual skills
    We place great importance on highly creative concept development that is sensitive to a specific location and incorporates local cultural and design elements. Every detail is thought through and critically analyzed, from amenities to service concepts to toilet roll holders. We are continuously redefining our hospitality and leisure concepts and reviewing the advantages and disadvantages to show leadership in new market trends. Thus, we create the most appropriate product for each of our projects. This is then implemented by closely working with the General Manager of each property in adapting our policies and systems according to the local environment.
  • People
    People are paramount in the service industry. We therefore put a lot of emphasis on and commit resources to choosing the right people. Once on board, ideas such as employee development and training, employee recognition, cross training, performance related pay, and empowerment and quality circles are now conventional wisdom and play a big part in our business. In addition to all of the above we also instill strong market orientation and financial discipline amongst all of our team as well as a strong commitment through loyalty and a feeling of belonging and ownership. Our employees are referred to as Hosts.
  • Dynamism
    As a dynamic and young company, we avoid the structure often associated with big corporations, and source talented and experienced resort General Managers who are entrepreneurial and bring initiative to the product. In order for this to work, we allow our General Managers significant freedom and autonomy whilst still monitoring each operation and giving clear guidelines on financial targets, operating philosophy and Best Practices, and essential controls and systems. Within this framework, our General Managers take full responsibility for their unit.

The Experience
As the hospitality industry becomes more and more competitive; we see differentiation as a key element in product development and positioning. Sequel Hotels and Resorts, with its various brands, has identified under-developed niches in the market, which work on the premise that clients are looking for an experience and not just a typical product. We create an overall experience that is absorbed by all the human senses and with each concept.

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